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Who are we?

UAB „Finteisa“is a professional team which comprises of lawyers, accountants, economists and financiers. Company was established in 2002. Now we are partners with more than 100 enterprises. Through more than 14 years we have brought together team of real professionals which always try to improve their skills. We pay a lot of attention to new accountant and operating software upgrades. We are trying to be up to date on technical basis. It is necessary to ensure safe and fast management of ours clients accounting.

Our team does not declare loud slogans or unenforceable visions and missions. Our goal is to take care of each client individually considering his needs and problems.

Our job is like a pleasure for us – we do what we believe in and we can do best. We are reliable financial and law field professionals, so constructive partnership is crucial for us. That is why we respect our clients and our clients respect us.
We believe that we can provide best legal and financial only when we get to know 100 percent of firm‘s situation. That is why we value communication between us and clients so much.

Even if we are small enterprise, we do not lack human resources. We encourage teamwork and discussions between our employees, because we believe that it is easier to solve problems and to share valuable experience from other similar cases.


You should choose UAB „Finteisa“, because:

  • your company need a reliable accounting services which leads to saved funds;
  • our clients get free consultations on accounting, financial and legal matters;
  • you will save money compared to hiring your own lawyer or accountant, because you will not need to pay him when he is on vacation or on sick leave;
  • you will always get high quality legal and accounting services made by professionals in their field.

We are ready to become your partners if you:

  • are dissatisfied with your financier work or you are just looking for one;
  • are applying for bank loan;
  • want to dispute State Tax Inspectorate act;
  • are preparing for government body inspection;
  • want to establish firm in Lithuania or abroad;
  • are checking, whether your enterprise‘s activities comply with the law;
  • are preparing documents for court procedures;
  • are signing important contracts;
  • have any legal, court-related questions.

Would you like to collaborate? You can trust us.

We have insured our liability, so we are fully responsible for our own decisions.

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